The 20 Greatest Wrestler’s Nickname of All Time

1) The Man of a 1,000 Holds: A very fitting nickname for Dean Malenko as he is one of the best technical wrestlers to ever step foot in the ring. What earned him his nickname was the massive number of holds, submission and reversals in his inventory.








2) The Eighth Wonder of the World: André the Giant was earned his famous nickname due to his enormous size and his presence both in and outside of the ring. Because of his massive size he was portrayed as a large unstoppable force who would be undefeated for 15 years.







3) The Deadman: The Undertaker received his iconic nickname of The Deadman mainly due to his character as an undead supernatural wrestler. He would be one of the most prominent wrestlers in WWE and have many memorable moments throughout his career such as his undefeated streak at Wrestlemania.






4) The Ayatollah of Rock ’N’ Rolla: Only Chris Jericho could come up with a nickname for himself that not only was very clever but was also a name that he could back up in the ring. What made this nickname so popular was the use of Jericho’s over-the-top, rockstar gimmick.







5) The Heartbreak Kid: An interesting fact about Shawn Michaels nickname, he adapted it after a suggestion from Mr Perfect Curt Henning. It was quite fitting for Shawn Michaels as he did break the hearts of many fans when he betrayed Marty Jannetty and broke up The Rockers.








6) The Rated-R Superstar: Edge would earn himself this nickname due to his in-ring romances/controversy. While his crazy and insane romance and love triangles got the fans attention, it was his amazing in-ring performances that would keep their attention and lead him to becoming an 11 time world heavyweight champion.







7) The Viper: Although Randy Orton was also known as “The Legend Killer” and “Apex Predator”, no other nickname is more appropriate to describe him as The Viper.





8) The Glamazon: A combination of Glamorous and Amazon was associated with Beth Phoenix, which suited her perfectly as she not only was she very stunning looking but she also possessed the power of a amazon warrior. With dominant reigns as both a 3 time woman’s champion and divas champion, she would prove to everybody why she earned that nickname.







9) The World’s Strongest Man: In Mark Henry’s case, World’s Strongest Man was more than just a nickname, it was a title that he earned and worked hard for. He was never afraid to show why he was called the World’s Strongest Man whether it was lifting his opponents up with ease, winning strongman competitions or even by setting a world record by pulling 2 tractor trailers.







10) The Mouth of the South: This nickname fitted Jimmy Hart, which he earned through his loose-lipped style arguments often done with his signature megaphone as a way to motivate his clients and to distract and annoy their opponents.








11) The Brain: while many nicknames are awarded to competitors based on their achievements in the ring, Bobby Heenan would earn his nickname for his incredible intelligence.






12) The Game: During the final years of the Attitude Era, Triple H would begin to refer to himself as The Game to show that he was at the height of his ability as well as the top of the WWE. A interesting fact about Triple H’s nickname, it was also his way of honoring the late Owen Hart.





13) The Animal: Its a simple nickname for a wrestler and one that was most suited for Batista. While an animal is a technical definition describes anything on four legs, it can also refer to something that has a temper and viciously attacks anyone it wants, which is exactly how Batista treated his opponents in the ring




14) The Bad Guy: In the wrestling world, there are always good guys and bad guys, and no one portrayed the bad guy better than Razor Ramon. He was the embodiment of what The Bad Guy was from his shady appearance to his actions in and out of the ring to even his famous catchphrase “Say hello to The Bad Guy.”





15) The Living Legend: The title of legend may get tossed around a lot now a days, but Bruno Sammartino was the pure embodiment of what a true legend is. He would earn the title of “The Living Legend” for all of his achievements in the ring including his over seven year long reign as WWE Champion.







16) The Dirtiest Player in the Game: Ric Flair definitely live up to his nickname as The Dirtiest Player in the Game. He would use every trick up his sleeve and break every rule in the book, doing whatever it takes to win his matches and hold on to his title.







17) The Excellence of Execution: Bret Hart’s nickname was just like him, clever and tough as nails. He would earn his nickname for his incredible arsenal of moves including his “5 Moves of Doom” – an inverted atomic drop, the Russian leg sweep, a backbreaker, an elbow drop from the second rope, and last but not least his signature deviating finisher The Sharpshooter.







18) The People’s Champion: Because of his character of a charismatic and boastful wrestler, amazing verbal skills and growing popularity, The Rock would start to be referred to as “The People’s Champion”. The best part about his nickname was that he didn’t need to hold a title cause he already the true champion in many fans eyes.







19) The First Lady of Wrestling: Miss Elizabeth is one of the most famous wrestling managers during the golden age of wrestling, best known as the longtime manager of the Macho Man Randy Savage. She would always wear elegant dresses to the ring and acted classy and sophisticated which would earn her the nickname of “First Lady of Wrestling”.








20) The American Dream: Dusty Rhodes was the personification of what it meant to be The American Dream, while he didn’t have the normal wrestler’s physique, he still possessed the strength and ability of one which would help lead to his success.







– Jake N

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