Riiippp with Brody the Kid #1

Hi everyone!  My name is Brody and I am 10 years old. You may know me as “Brodythekid1” on social media or “Brody the Topps Kid” from this year’s National Sports Collectors Convention.

Welcome to my new monthly blog called “Riiippp”.  I am a very serious collector and I really want to get more kids excited about this hobby.

Each month I will talk about the things I like to collect, how I choose what’s a good buy, review some products, and share other helpful hints to be a great kid collector.  Hopefully all without spending your whole piggy bank!  I will also answer questions from kid collectors each month that you can send to Brodythekid1@gmail.com, so send me some questions!

This month I want to talk about “Topps of the Class”.  This is a program that I announced for Topps at The National in August in Cleveland.  Kids can bring their report cards after every marking period to their local card shop and earn free gifts from Topps for their good grades!  How cool is that?  Make sure to tell your friends!  We need more kids in the hobby to keep it going into the future and this is a great way to help some kids start!

One other topic I wanted to talk about was National Baseball Card Day that happened in August.  It was a very fun day collecting all sorts of amazing players from the league.  You could even receive an autograph card of some of your favorite players.  You earned the special cards by buying some regular Topps cards, so you were able to get a lot of cards that day!  On National Baseball Card Day you were able to receive an Aaron Judge card, and Topps offered an additional card of Rhys Hoskins two weeks later to complete the National Baseball Card Day set.   I got my whole set, did you?  It was a really fun two days and I hope Topps does something like that again soon!  Who is going to try it next year?

Look forward to hearing from everyone and I will see you next month!



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