RIIIP with Brody the Kid #22 Super Bowl, Topps Rip Party and More!

What’s up everybody? Welcome back for another edition of Riiip with Brody the Kid! Thank you for checking it out. The Super Bowl is over and what a crazy upset! Tom Brady did it again, winning his 7th title and his 5th Super Bowl MVP Award. I can only imagine that Brady’s prices will skyrocket now, especially new cards of him in his Bucs uniform. Even though he had a rough game, Patrick Mahomes is still an absolute stud and has a great future ahead of him. Maybe this is a good time to grab up some of his cards if people are looking for more Brady’s. Could make for some fun trades or deals. It was a fun season, and I was definitely surprised that the game was not closer. Congrats to Tom Brady and the Bucs!

The 2021 Topps Rip Party is here! Tomorrow, February 9th, Topps will be hosting a contest between 4 breakers to see who can win the Platinum Box Cutter in celebration of the 70th Anniversary of Topps baseball cards! The full release of Series 1 will come Wednesday.  The 4 breakers in the competition are Layton Sports Cards, Mojobreak, Real Breaks and Bomber Breaks. Not sure of all the different cards that need to be pulled to win, but it will be a fun way to kick off the 2021 baseball season for sure. After the competition is over, Topps has allowed about 20 different breakers to host breaks of Series 1 as part of the After Hours party! So, find your favorite breaker and join in the fun! You can check out Topps.com or Topps social media to find out more.

2021 Topps Archives Signature Series was the one product to beat Series 1 on the calendar. This is a product that is 1 encased buyback autograph per box. A buyback means Topps “buys back” an old Topps card of a certain player from a shop or collector and has the player autograph the card. Topps adds an Archives logo and encases the card in a one-touch holder. It’s a fun product and they are usually around $70 or so, which could be a great deal if you pull a Mike Trout, Ronald Acuna, Jr., or another star. Definitely always a fun riiip!

Let’s talk about the recent cards that sold at Goldin Auctions. 2 Michael Jordan Fleer Rookie PSA 10s went for over $700,000 each! If you have the money and are interested in buying Jordan, now is the time, because I definitely think that is a future $1,000,000+ card. This is a crazy sale, too when considering no parallels/auto or anything like that. Even more amazing, Ken Goldin stated that the day after those two cards sold, he sold two more at the same price! That is nearly $3 million on 4 cards!

Boxes are very expensive right now and I want to show you guys a way to get packs for cheaper. I am talking about the Brothers in Cards sub box! If you don’t have an LCS you can visit to grab up some packs, this is a great option for you. With 3 different levels (Bronze: 3 packs; Silver: 6 packs; Gold: 8 packs plus 1 gold featured pack), I love the Brothers in Cards options because every box is different. I have seen people get $100+ packs of Prizm football in their boxes. With the gold box, you are guaranteed an amazing pack. January was a pack of Phoenix which are going for $45+. I would give them a look at www.brothersincards.com. Check out my Brody the Kid YouTube page and you can see one of my riiips of a box. Definitely worth a look.

Panini NBA Hoops is out! Panini dropped it on their website at $350 per box! I can remember being able to get boxes of Hoops at my LCS for $80, but the hobby has changed the past year or so. I do really like Hoops, it’s always a fun riiip and you can get a chance at some of the awesome rookies. I also love some of the insert sets like Road to the Finals and We Got Next. Each hobby box also has 2 autos. Hopefully you can find some for a decent price, because it is one of the staple basketball brands.

As we all know, a big reason for the high price of wax now is because of the rookies! Everyone wants to pull that RC of the next big star! Here is my list of the top 10 rookies to chase for your 2020-21 basketball collections:

  1. Anthony Edwards, Timberwolves
  2. Tyrese Haliburton, Kings
  3. LaMelo Ball, Hornets
  4. James Wiseman, Warriors
  5. Patrick Williams, Bulls
  6. Precious Achiuwa, Heat
  7. Isaac Okoro, Cavaliers
  8. Josh Green, Mavericks
  9. Xavier Tillman, Grizzlies
  10. Cassius Winston, Wizards

Who else are you guys collecting? E-mail me or hit me on socials and let me know!

Before we finish up, I want to announce the winner of the blaster box of 2020 Topps Stadium Club from the last Riiip with Brody the Kid. The winner is Craig Vallbacka (and his kids) who agrees that Jake Fromm is a good under the radar guy to pick up some cards for the future. Congrats and thank you to all who sent in their picks! Look out for another contest in next month’s blog.

That is about all for this edition of Riiip with Brody the Kid! I hope everyone enjoys the Topps Rip Party, although I think it should be the Topps Riiip Party! I will be on my socials and posting about the party so make sure you say hi! Stay warm everybody! Thank you all for reading Riiip with Brody the Kid! I will see you again next month! Peace Out!


-Brody The Kid

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