RIIIP with Brody the Kid #18 Interview with Parker Frederking

Hey everyone and welcome back to another edition of Riiip with Brody the Kid. We are going to talk about sports, cards and you will meet a really cool kid collector. Let’s get into it!

Let us start off this blog with a little talk about the sport seasons. NASCAR, WWE, PGA and Horse Racing have all been doing their races and events. MLB, NBA and the NHL are looking to start later this month. The NHL will go right into their playoffs, the NBA is going to play a few games before their playoffs start and MLB has a 60-game schedule set. It’s awesome to see everything starting back up.

Did you guys see the results of the NHL Draft lottery? It turned out the first pick will go to one of the teams that loses in the play-in round of the playoffs! What a crazy deal! You could be so close to making a playoff run one day and end up having the top pick instead! Will be fun to see what happens.

Topps Series 2 is now out in stores, featuring some new rookie cards, the biggest being Luis Robert of the White Sox! I cannot wait for the games to start so we can see him play!

There are also some awesome photo variation short prints to hunt for including a great one of Andrew McCutcheon.  This is one of the more affordable products every year, so it is a fun one for kids to collect. I definitely recommend picking some Series 2 up from your LCS or retail stores. I know it has been tricky to find in retail stores, which I know can be a bummer. But keep looking! I have seen signs at Target limiting quantities of trading cards, so hopefully this will help more people be able to get product at retail.

Another cool new product that came out on the more expensive end is Sage Aspire football. In the box you get 24 autographed cards of this year’s draft class, including a guarantee of 4 players from the 1st round. It is an awesome product but may be a fun one to get into a break for, so it doesn’t cost as much. Keep an eye out for them! If you need some suggestions for family/kid friendly breaks to get in, hit me up at BrodyTheKid1@gmail.com and I will get you some of my favorites!

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This month’s interview is with Parker Frederking. Parker is a cool kid collector who started selling some of his cards to save up for a big PC card he wanted to buy. While doing so, he started to put together cool mail days to send to kids all over the country to get some free cards into their hands. Very awesome!

How did you get into collecting?

I had emergency surgery for appendicitis in March of 2019. I was already into football and my Kansas City Chiefs. My dad, my grandparents, and my other set of grandparents bought me football cards as get-well gifts and that really got my collection started.

I read about your story on Twitter, can you tell us how you got started donating and selling cards?

I had a bunch of duplicates and older cards too that I wasn’t able to sell. Being a big “brother” through foster care, I know that there are kids who don’t have a lot and I wanted to give them something. I started thinking of ways I could get free cards into kid’s hands to cheer them up.

My dad has been following Midwest Box Break’s LiSiGi (Love it, Share it, Grow it) thread and I said we could give some to some kids. From there, it kind of just took off!

Now that you collect, what are your favorite products?

My favorite products right now would be the Prizm football series!

Do you have teams or players you like to PC?

I LOVE the Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes is my ABSOLUTE favorite player! I also like the Kansas City Royals and Colorado Rockies in baseball. As far as basketball, I’d say the Denver Nuggets.

What has been your favorite thing about collecting so far?

My favorite thing about collecting is setting a goal, working towards it, and getting the reward of a highly desired card. I just obtained my grail card in a 2017 Patrick Mahomes rookie Prizm card! I also enjoy chasing hard to find cards. My current goal is trying to collect the entire rainbow of the Patrick Mahomes 2020 Crusade draft pick series!

Thank you to Parker for taking some time for the interview. I love seeing new kids come into the hobby, Welcome Parker and Keep up the awesome work!

Thank you everyone for reading this month’s edition of Riiip with Brody The Kid. Stay safe and I will catch you all next month! Peace out.


-Brody The Kid

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