RIIIP with Brody the Kid #20 Hobby Highlights

Welcome to another edition of Riiip with Brody the Kid! This month I am going to hit on some highlights of the hobby recently and talk a little bit about group breaking. Let’s get riiipin’!

Upper Deck is bringing back Golf cards! Starting spring of 2021, golf fans will be excited to see golf back in the hobby starting with UD Artifacts! Autograph cards will include Tiger Woods, which is really awesome!

What’s the best 2020 baseball packs for kids to go after? Topps Series 1 or Topps Series 2? Series 1 is a more “bang for your buck” option including rookies of Bo Bichette, Yordan Alvarez, Aristides Aquino, Gavin Lux, Randy Arozarena, Kyle Lewis and more! Topps Series 2 has really only 1 top tier rookie, but he is probably the biggest, in Luis Robert! Both sets are lots of fun to riiip!!

TTT! Topps Triple Threads is out! With 2 autos and 2 jerseys per box, this is an awesome higher end product. You can get awesome Triple autos and there are even Deca books with up to 10 signatures on them! Check out this Mike Trout I have in my collection form the 2018 version.

The Lakers win! Lebron claims his 4th NBA title with the Lakers beating the Heat in 6 games. It was a good series, but the Lakers dominated in the end. Lebron won Finals MVP and improved his Finals record to 4-6. Interestingly, it is the 3rd different team he has won the championship with! Panini is releasing a special Lakers commemorative set to celebrate the title.

Speaking of hoops, the madness begins again! 2020-21 Panini Contenders Draft Picks is arriving, and it will be fun to see if it flies off the shelves. Anthony Edwards, James Wiseman, Lamelo Ball, Obi Toppin and more are in this product. Last year, this product was the beginning of the Zion card hype. It will be interesting to see what happens with basketball this year.

Hot NFL rookies!!! Here are my top 5 rookie cards you should be chasing in the NFL right now:

#5 – Clyde Edwards-Helaire – he has already been playing well in the Chiefs explosive offense and I think he will learn well from the talented Le’veon Bell joining the team.

#4 – Henry Ruggs III – He has made some great plays this year including helping the Raiders knock off the undefeated Chiefs.

#3 – Joe Burrow – Joe has been playing really well, even with bad circumstances in Cincinnati. He will be really fun to watch once they build up the roster.

#2 – Chase Claypool – This guy has some talent! He showed it in college at Notre Dame and has been playing like fire since the start of the season.

#1 – Justin Herbert – Herbert has been throwing the ball like a 10-year vet and has great arm strength. If you can score the Chargers in a random break, you will definitely be a happy customer.

Retail steal? The Walgreens exclusive Prime Pack boxes may be a nice steal. Done by the Fairfield Company, you get 1 hobby pack and 2 retail packs. Also, it comes with 1 bonus card. These retail for $8.99 per box plus tax, which is pretty cheap for some packs nowadays. You can find these in baseball and football options. There are sometimes some high-end packs inserted in the boxes. How High End? I have seen 2014 Limited packs, which for a box is $200+!

If you guys know what breaking is, but you are not sure how to get started, I am going to try and help you here. This is a good option right now with how hard it is to find retail product anywhere! There are a ton of awesome online breakers that I will tell you about at the end, but I want to inform you about different types of breaks. The two main types of breaks are random team breaks and pick your team breaks. Random team breaks will be cheaper, but you can end up with a team that is not so good or a very good team like the White Sox, in 2020 product. If the random break is $30 per spot, you could get a $10 team or you could get a $125 team. Pick your team breaks are broken down by team. If you want the White Sox, you are going to have to pay a lot more than if you want the Marlins, for example. If you want a lower end team with less stars, rookies or hits, then you will not have to pay as much. Below are some of the breakers I think you should check out. You can find them on YouTube to start and watch some breaks to get an understanding of how it works: Top Shelf Breaks, Buck City Breaks, Mikey B Cards, Layton’s Sports Cards, Midwest Box Breaks, Mojo Break, The Break Exchange, Jaspys Case Breaks, Platinum Card Breaks, and Eloy the Goat Flores. These are just some of my favorites to watch, but there are tons of other breakers as well! And, of course, don’t forget to check out the Big League Breaks store to see if they have any breaks coming up!

Thank you all for checking out Riiip with Brody the Kid! Have some fun this month riiiping and I will see you again next month! Peace Out!


-Brody The Kid

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