Tyler’s Prospect Picks: Shohei Ohtani cards to invest in as of now!

Shohei as of now has been doing very well and that causes an increase in the prices but they have been rarely steady price wise. But I am here to tell you which ones of his cards to invest in if you are looking to resell down the line and see if you can get them cheaper now than in a few years like fellow Angel Mike Trout’s rookie card.Many cards brands have taken advantage of his popularity among collectors by adding him to heritage and donruss and gypsy queen and all sorts of other insert and subsets within those brands.

5. 2018 Donruss Whammy Shohei Ohtani

This set being an iconic set from the past makes this an extremely popular subset in donruss this year but it makes it even better that it has the most popular rookie in the majors in it. This card usually putting you back nearly 70 bucks. Pretty crazy for a common insert but the desire for Ohtani drives this cards price like crazy.

4. 2018 Diamond kings base Shohei Ohtani

This is just a base card that usually costs between 10 dollars to 20 bucks. So not near as pricey but still quite a bit for a rookie who hasn’t played half a season in the MLB.there is not too much of an interesting backstory on this card because it is an off brand rookie base card without an actual team name or logo on his picture.

3. 2018 Gypsy Queen Shohei Ohtani rookie card

This card is farely difficult to find and desired by many as a cheaper option than the extremely expensive heritage rookie card. This card is still pricey right now but if he continues to consistently

2. 2017 Bowman mega box mojo parallel

This is his technical first bowman like most other prospects have even though it doesn’t say first. In the picture he is wearing the Japan world baseball classic jersey which is where he was first noticed that he should come to the bigs. Below is a picture of the popular and valuable card

1. 2018 Heritage sp rookie card

This is his most expensive card of him on the market because of it’s rarity and the fact that it is his first card to be released of him in the Angels Uniform makes it much more popular than the Japanese jersey.



– Tyler Leinenbach

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