Inside the Pack: Reviewing My 2021 Hobby Goals

At the beginning of the year, I set goals for myself in the hobby. I’ll do the same next week for 2022, but for now, it’s time to take stock of how I did this year.

  1. Ramp up selling on ebay. I certainly succeeded in this goal. Through summer I was on track to have my best year in 22 years on ebay. Things cooled down in the fall, but I’ve still been listing like a fiend. I now have an all-time high of nearly 1400 items in my ebay store, and I am continually adding more.
  2. Get out of my storage unit. Not gonna happen anytime soon. I’d love to, as my rent was increased and I’m now paying $150 a month. But, I think it would take years to get through, and I have plans to move some stuff here at my house over to the storage unit. I’m probably in it for the long haul.
  3. Actually go to the National. Mission accomplished! After what seemed like a lifetime of waiting, the National finally happened and it was as phenomenal as I’d hoped. In my goals post I said I was hoping to take a rental van up to Chicago. While that didn’t happen, and I flew instead, I still had an amazing time and consider this the biggest goal achievement of the year.
  4. Branch out into non-sport cards. I started doing this this year but only in the last month or so have I become really energized by this idea. I’m not going to say I completed this one quite yet. There’s too much I still don’t know, and my collecting hasn’t been focused yet.
  5. Buy one of my white whale cards. I take back what I said about the National being my biggest goal achievement of the year. I actually bought two white whale cards, including my biggest one ever. For Thanksgiving, I wrote about buying my holy grail card, which I still can’t believe happened. I also bought the 1950 Drake’s Duke Snider card I specifically mentioned in the original post, but that seems like child’s play compared to getting the 2005 Topps Rookie Cup Thurman Munson 1/1.

Next week, I’ll unveil my goals for 2022!