Inside the Pack: 2019 Topps Museum Collection Review

Topps Museum Collection is a premium product that gets more and more attractive each year. The 2019 edition does not disappoint, with a beautiful base card design and awesome hits.

Topps sent me a box of Museum Collection to review. Each box contains 4 mini-boxes within it, and each mini-box has one hit and one base parallel. The master boxes contain 2 autos and 2 relics in total.

My first hit was by far the best and the most attractive: a silver Framed Will Clark auto numbered to 15. These cards, like all of Topps’s silver framed cards, are gorgeous. The signature is in silver ink on the card, beautiful and bold, accented by the shiny frame. My next hit was my second auto, a Clint Frazier card with two jersey relics numbered to 199.

The non-auto relics were also really nice both in design and substance. I’m not usually a single swatch relic card guy, but my Stephen Strasburg relic had a really bold red swatch and was numbered to 50. The design was simple but elegant, and the colored jersey piece made the card really attractive. I also got a quad relic of Red Sox phenom Rafael Devers numbered to 99.

My four parallels consisted of two unnumbered bronze and two numbered color parallels. The nicest one I received, both in attractiveness and value, was the purple amethyst of Fernando Tatis Jr. numbered to 99. The purple looks great with the Padres uniform and coordinates well with the gold design of the card. My other numbered Parallel was a blue sapphire of Roger Clemens numbered to 150. My two bronze parallels were of David Ortiz and Chipper Jones. I should note that the top layer of the right corner of the Ortiz was peeling off as I pulled it from the pack. Chipping is fairly common with Museum sets but I’d never seen peeling like this before.

Inserts aren’t really a big draw for this product, but the popular Canvas Collection Reproductions are in the product once again. I received two in my box: Luis Severino and Roberto Clemente.

As usual, Museum Collection is a really great product and a welcome member of Topps’s yearly offerings. It’s one I usually look forward to every year and, after this year’s beautiful product, I will anticipate even more next year.

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