Inside the Pack: 2019 Topps Factory Set Review

Topps Factory Sets are a yearly staple and have been since 1982, when they were sold through JC Penney. Topps continues to find ways to innovate, though, and keep the factory sets exciting.

Typically, there are multiple iterations of factory sets released. The first is typically the All Star Game set, which comes in a blue box. Each card is stamped with the All Star Game logo, and there is a pack of 5 All Star Game cards you can only get in the ASG factory set.

The retail version is a lighter blue and contains 5 rookie variation cards, again available exclusively through the factory set. Target and Walmart, however, get their own twist added. Target sets come in an orange box and in addition to the 5 rookie variation cards, there are also 5 Chrome rookie reprints of famous rookie cards from history. Walmart sets, in a green box, add one Chrome rookie variation card to the 5 rookie variations.

The final type of factory set is the hobby exclusive one. Topps sent me a hobby factory set to review. Instead of rookie variations, there is a pack of 5 foilboard cards, each serially numbered /162. Topps has typically included some foul cards in the past, but this year’s are the prettiest I’ve seen. They sparkle and shine in a way that past years didn’t. The two biggest names I got in my pack we’re future Hall of Famer Miguel Cabrera and likely future AL Rookie of the Year Brandon Lowe.

Factory sets make a great gift for birthdays and holidays, and there are plenty of different iterations to choose from. I recommend the hobby kind with the foilboard pack, but whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong.

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