What’s up everybody!? Welcome back to another Riiip with Brody the Kid! This month we are going to have a little recap of The National and some other things. Also, remember you can always check my twitter and Instagram for more information of what I have going on.


First thing this month is we are going to have a little wrap-up of The National. I just wanted to say that it was awesome to meet a lot of you there including a lot of kids that I got to talk to and or interview. While I was there, I was also able to pick up a lot of cool product from all the sports and different years, so it was a lot of fun. Also, thank you to Panini! While working with The National and the Ronald McDonald House Charities, I was able to walk with one of the kids from the House and his family to give them a tour of the show. When we stopped at the Panini booth, they were kind enough to give this boy and his siblings a box of cards each, and even gave me one! That was unexpected and was really cool of them to do for those kids (and me, too!). So, thank you again to Panini. And thank you to all of you that donated or bid on items in the Ronald McDonald House Charities auction on Handbid.  They were able to raise about $10K through the auction so that was really incredible.  Be sure to check out my social media to learn more about the charity.




Other awesome highlights at The National included the breakers pavilion, GoGTSLive on stage almost the whole entire convention, Gary Vee being there to talk and be at his booth, all of the cool dealer tables and on the final day, Rick Harrison, Steve Grad and Pawn Stars were at the Beckett booth filming for their TV show.  It was cool to meet Rick and Steve and see them in action. I can’t wait for that episode to come out. I was also able to go onstage with GoGTSLive a couple times and do a podcast interview with FatPacks Podcast, so please check those out online. Finally, the most fun at the show was being at the Topps booth for Pack Wars with Alan Narz. It was a blast and a lot of fun helping Alan out and seeing him in action!



Something I heard a lot at The National and read about online and I think is really important is that a lot of collectors do not have a Local Card Shop (or an LCS). So, I would say to make sure to look online for the sites that sell a lot online, such as Big League, or the big boys like Dave and Adam’s, Blowout or Steel City. Another cool thing I have read about and see online is Subscription boxes, which you can buy online. There are a few different ones out there. They can usually have different levels or versions based on price and that will determine how many packs or types of packs you get inside. Usually you can find ones that may guarantee you some hits. So, you can buy these one time or do a subscription to get them monthly. This is a cool product so that you can get a variety of different hobby packs from different years, so it is kind of like going to an LCS and picking out some random packs. So, look for those online. If you’re not sure which ones to look up, send me an email or tweet and I can help you out! Some are pretty cool, so check them out.

BIG Football News! Star Colts quarterback Andrew Luck retired! I am still shocked by the news. Luck dealt with a lot of injuries during his career and I think it just was too much for him. Some people had been picking the Colts to win the Super Bowl! I think Jacoby Brissett could be pretty good and this will be an interesting year to watch the Colts!

On to a funny story in baseball cards, have you seen Shane Bieber, the Indians pitcher, on his 2019 Topps Stadium Club card? If you have one, flip to the back and read what it says about him! It calls him “Justin”, like the singer! LOL…what is that all about?!?

Another cool new product that recently came out is Topps Chrome. It is shinier than ever, and the cards are really cool. Retail boxes come with 4 sick Sepia parallels. They are not numbered but they are super cool. In hobby boxes, you get 2 autos and in Jumbo boxes, 5 autos. The autos look beautiful! There are other numbered parallels that look gorgeous as well. Look for them at Target, Walmart or your LCS!

When you have some free time, make sure to check out my social media. I have started a new thing called “The Daily Riiip” where I will be opening one pack a day during the week, to try and have some fun while we get through the school year! If there is a pack you want to see, hit me up and I can try to get it! Also, I have posted some box breaks on my YouTube channel, so check that out and subscribe if you want so you can see when I put new content on there. There will be some fun new stuff on there.

Well, that is it for this month’s Riiip with Brody the Kid! By next month’s blog, we will be well into the NFL season and should have some fun stuff to discuss. Have fun with your collections and make sure to work hard in school! Stay Topps of the Class!

See you next month!


-Brody The Kid

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