What is a Group Break?

Group Breaks are a way for multiple collectors to pool their funds to purchase a box, case, or multiple combinations of cards.

Group Breaks are composed of “spots”. These spots correspond to either a team, a division, a player, a “hit” (such as an autograph or jersey card) and so on.

Each Group Break will detail how the spots are to be divided up.

Once all the spots are paid for, the person running the break will put the names of everyone who purchased a spot into a list randomizer on random.org and randomize said list a pre-determined amount of times.

The same will be done with the spots in the break (whether the spots correspond to teams, divisions, etc)

Once both lists have been randomized they are copied and pasted into an excel spreadsheet side by side so that each spot is parallel to a name.

Both the randomization process and the actual break itself will be broadcast live on Youtube, and will also be available to watch later on our Youtube channel.

What Types of Breaks are there?

There are many different break combinations that can be performed. Here are a few of the most common kind:

Pick Your Team (PYT)

Just as the name says, you choose your team. The price per team varies depending on the number of hits available and the popularity of the team.

Random Team Style

All spots in Random Team Style breaks are the same price. Before the cards are opened, we use Random.org to determine which customer gets which team. Sometimes we have combo spots where we combine two teams into one spot. We do this with the teams that have a lower number of hits in the product.

Random Divisions

This is similar to the Random Team breaks but each break is divided up by division, instead of by team. For example, a baseball break would be divided into NL East, NL West, AL East, AL West, etc.

Draft Styles

In these breaks, each spot purchased is guaranteed a hit.

RANDOM HIT DRAFT – All cards are opened and recorded. The hits are assigned to each customer using Random.org.

LIVE HIT DRAFT – All cards are opened. The customer names are assigned an order using Random.org. Each customer then chooses their hit in the order assigned. You must be present or reachable when the product is opened so that you may choose your card(s).

Random Numbers

This break is popular for products like Flawless and National Treasures where there aren’t a high number of cards per box, or case. Each customer is assigned a number from Random.org. The number represents the first number of the card numbering. For example, if you are assigned the number 7, you would get cards that are serial numbered 7/10 and 7/25. The number of spots in this style of break is determined by the product. This is a less expensive break because of the number of spots, but the odds of getting a hit are lower because of the number of spots.

Personal Box Break

We have a stock of boxes on our website that we call Personals. You can purchase a personal box of cards and we will open it live for you online. It’s important to read the description of the box you are buying as some products don’t include the shipment of base cards. This helps keep your costs down due to lower shipping fees.

Multiplayer Cards

Sometimes a card will have two or three players from different teams. When this happens we randomize on random.org between the teams to determine who will receive the card. However if one person owns a majority of players (2 out of 3) then they automatically receive the card.

Where Can I Watch the Breaks?

Breaks can be seen both live on YouTube here:

Big League’s YouTube Live Stream

and archived on our YouTube channel:

Big League Cards

When Will I Get My Cards?

Cards will be shipped within 1 week of the break date (usually much sooner).

You should receive an email with tracking info from Paypal when your cards ship.

What are Tickets?

Tickets are a part of our rewards program. You earn 1 ticket for every dollar spent and can earn bonus amounts on select items. Once you have accumulated 100 tickets, you can enter in to our weekly “Pick Em’” game where you can win some cool prizes by picking all games correctly. For more information click here.

What is the Pick Em Game?

Big League’s Pick Em’ game is your chance to win some big prizes!

Here’s how it works:

Every week there will be a new Pick Em’ game available to play for 100 Tickets. (You get 1 ticket for every dollar spent on our site). Each game will feature up to 12 games played on the following Sunday (the entry period lasts from Monday to Saturday). The games will consist of NFL/NBA/MLB/NHL/NCAA games.

If you have 100 tickets you can use them to enter the game. Make your picks, and if you get all games correct you will be able to select a prize from our current prize showcase.