Riiip with Brody the Kid #29 The National Special!

What is up Hobby Fam?!

Welcome back to another edition of Riiip with Brody the Kid!  The National special!!!

Today, I’m going to go thru a quick breakdown of some of my favorite stops while walking around The National and I want to share them with you because YOU should stop by and check them out, too!  I am once again the Official Kid Host of The National and I am so excited it is here.  Make sure to keep an eye on my Twitter and Instagram for more awesome spots as I find them! Just from a quick walk thru of the floor on Tuesday, I can tell you this might be the best National yet!

So here we go, in random order, these are the spots and booths I cannot wait to check out!

Singles Club – all cards are a dollar and you can find a lot of hits worth more! Awesome table and awesome guys!  There will be a wait if you don’t hit it first thing but it’s worth it!

Panini – Their booth is always an awesome place to be, they have their silver packs and will be hosting kids’ breaks so keep an eye on their schedule!

The Mike Berkus Main Stage – there are fun giveaways, breaks and interview guests! I will be posting the schedule on my socials so make sure to check it out.  Plus there are seats just in case you need a break!!

Topps – you can’t miss Pack Wars, with awesome giveaways and entertainment from Big League’s Alan Narz and you know I will be there to give him a hand!

The Topps Q&A- if you can get on the list for this event, you can ask anything to some of the top employees from Topps! Plus they usually have some awesome food!!

Pristine Auctions – giveaways and fun for kids, plus they will be having auctions throughout The National that you can bid on in real time! Plus you never know when Mr. Pristine may be there!

Ultra Pro giveaways! kids breaks and giveaways of supplies

COMC – if you have a COMC account, you can spin the wheel to win prizes or credits! If you don’t have an account, you can make one there and spin! Tell them Brody the Kid sent you!

Upper Deck – They are BACK this year and have a huge booth in the corporate area! They are having daily raffles that kids can participate in so check their booths for the times!!

Loupe has a plinko board! Plinko is awesome, check their booth to see what times it will be available to win Loupe credits or swag!

Steel City –  in addition to their huge booth of products and their raffles, Steel City will be doing a free Topps break for kids on the main stage!

Upper Deck raffles every day!

Roadshow Cards – They have a huge booth this year and will be co-hosting the first ever Official National Trade Night at the Convention Center! It will be family friendly and tons of fun!

Signatures for Soldiers and Brody the Kid – stop by the Signatures for Soldiers booth near the Breakers Pavilion to check out all the awesome stuff Tim and the crew are doing to help our soldiers and veterans! Tim is one of the nicest guys in the hobby and donates a huge amount of time and money to the cause! I will be set up right by Tim to help him out and you can get some swag from me, too!

Don’t forget to check out all the auctions that Pristine Auctions is holding to raise money for Signatures for Soldiers as well.  Make sure to check out my Brody The Kid lot with all sorts of awesome donations from our Hobby Squad!

That’s all, folks! That’s all!  Come have fun! Come say hi to me and have an awesome time this year at The National! #NSCC22

If you won’t be there, check it out on socials and hopefully you can make it to next year’s back in Chicago!

Peace out!

Brody The Kid