Riiip with Brody the Kid #25 Hobby Happenings

Riiip with Brody the Kid

Hey everyone! It’s Brody the Kid here back with another edition of Riiip with Brody the Kid! Let’s Go!!!

Holey Moley! (Not the fun golf mini golf show), but #thehobby! Fanatics has picked up the MLB, NFL, and NBA deals to be the company in charge of the officially licensed trading cards for the leagues starting in 2025-26, depending on the league. This will be crazy to see what happens in the future with the current companies, Panini and Topps. Upper Deck has signed a long extension with the NHL, so they are locked in with them. This will be interesting to see how the companies that didn’t have the licenses before, can continue to grow. Leaf, Sage, Wild Card may have some interesting moves they can make!

The first 2021-22 basketball product is out, and it is Chronicles Draft Picks. This is a fun set with 13 different brands contained within the product!! The top picks of the 2021 Draft, Cade Cunningham, Evan Mobley, Jalen Green and more are in this product and are fun to chase! My sleeper of this year’s crop is former Fighting Illini superstar Ayo Dosunmu! He has already been getting some big opportunities with the much-improved Bulls! You can look for retail and hobby versions of the product! Retail is a really fun and affordable riiip!

2021-22 Upper Deck NHL Cards! Upper Deck announced they are having some printing delays, so we will have to wait a little bit for the releases, but I can’t wait. It sounds like MVP will be the first release in December. Always a fun cheap product for kids to pick up and get some hockey cards. Series 1 NHL will be arriving after the New Year. This is always another fun product, on the cheaper end, and Upper Deck always does a great job with it. As always, be on the lookout for those Young Guns! They are fun to hit in a pack and you never know who the next superstar may be!

2021 Archives is here!! Topps stepped it up this year with 7 different sets! It includes a futuristic 2091 design, looking ahead to what cards may look like in 70 years! This is one of those sets I can’t wait for every year, because it gives current collectors a chance to see what it was like pulling the old designs from a pack. This is a great one for kids to Riiip and go through some baseball card history.

2021 Topps Triple Threads is out! This is one product that is very fun to watch being opened, so you definitely want to check out your favorite breaker to see some. This is one of my personal favorite releases every year. There are some of the coolest booklets in the card world!! Definitely an amazing product.

Series 2 of the Panini Kids Crate is hitting Hobby Shops! Series 1 came out around the time of The National and was a huge success with us kids! I Riiipped a Series 1 Crate on my HobbyLife show and it was just a ton of fun. Panini mixes up the products and throw in some other fun swag like stickers and mini balls you can toss around. Check Panini’s website to see the products and fun bonus items you can get for only $60! Hit up your LCS to grab them, Kids! Make sure to post them on socials and tag Panini so they know we want more Crates!

The NFL has reached just about its midseason point, and it has been an interesting season so far! Here are my top ten teams along with the youngster on that team that may have the biggest impact in the second half and in the hobby!

  1. Arizona Cardinals – Rondale Moore
  2. Los Angeles Rams – Darrell Henderson, Jr.
  3. Buffalo Bills – Dawson Knox
  4. Baltimore Ravens – Patrick Queen
  5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Devin White
  6. Dallas Cowboys – Tony Pollard
  7. Los Angeles Charges – Asante Samuel, Jr.
  8. Green Bay Packers – A.J. Dillon
  9. Cleveland Browns – Greedy Williams
  10. Las Vegas Raiders – Hunter Renfrow

Should be a great finish to the season, with so much still up in the air and it will definitely be a fun time in the football card market!

Does anyone out there have any podcasts or web shows they do? Hit me up and let me know! I love checking out new stuff. I also love to come on any shows or podcasts, so if you are looking for a guest, DM me on Twitter or Instagram or email me. I love doing it and talking #thehobby!

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Peace Out!


-Brody The Kid

Have a question? E-mail me at brodythekid1@gmail.com

Find me on Twitter @BrodytK and Instagram at brodythekid1


-Brody The Kid

Have a question?  E-mail me at brodythekid1@gmail.com

Find me on Twitter @BrodytK and Instagram at brodythekid1