RIIP with Brody the Kid #17 The Hobby Life, Topps Future Stars, and more!

Hey everyone and welcome to another edition of Riiip with Brody The Kid! We have a lot to talk about, so let’s get to it! But before we get started, I just want to make sure that you guys are all staying safe out there and trying to have some fun. Hang in there!

Topps Definitive Baseball is out and what a product it is! They are nearing $2,000 a box!!! The product is loaded with booklets, dual autos, and much more. It is definitely a cool product to watch opened so check out some breaks!

The NFL Draft is done and its was a very fun and entertaining draft! Joe Burrow was selected first overall as expected, followed by Chase Young and Jeff Okudah. Some of the surprises of the draft were Jordan Love going to the Packers, Jalen Hurts to the Eagles and Jake Fromm to the Bills. It was surprising to see those teams pick QBs in this draft. It was a very cool draft and I hope you guys all enjoyed it!!!


Next, I would like to talk about my web show, Hobby Life. There have been 9 episodes so far. We interview guests, do giveaways, product reviews and more! On episode 4, Alan from Big League Cards was on the show. I interviewed him, did a Big League Chase and Alan even gave a Chase away! There are also giveaways for being in the live chat when the show debuts. We are also rounding out the spots in our free kids break of a box each of 2019 and 2020 Topps Opening Day! If you want to qualify, go like Hobby Life Episode 9 on YouTube and nominate a kid you want to win!



A new cool way to get some cards, especially for kids, is something new Topps has started. Topps Future Stars Club is a monthly subscription where you get 3 different Topps items every month for $25. In April, you would get a collectable patch, a 5-card exclusive set and a blaster of Topps Opening Day. The exclusive sets are being curated by Bryce Harper, so that is pretty cool. In May, the subscription gets you another 5-card exclusive set, a pin and a blaster of Series 1. I think it is an awesome thing for kids to do to get a cool mail day with some cards to open, especially during this stay at home time during the pandemic. Check out www.topps.com for more details.

I wanted to take some time now to remind you guys where you can find me on social media. On Twitter @BrodyTK , on Instagram @BrodyTheKid1 and on TikTok I am @brodythekidcards, so look for me on this and make sure to say hi! Also check out my personal YouTube page Brody The Kid. You can find Hobby Life on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, search up Hobby Life Show.

Are you all missing baseball like I am? The latest plans they have been discussing looks like it would have games starting around July 1st, with 3, 10-team divisions. Each team would only play the other teams in their division. I’m not sure if I like it or not, with the teams only playing the other teams in their division, but at least we would have some baseball back and get to watch some games, so it will still be fun.  They have even added another idea with the season starting July 4th and using a 78-game schedule! What do you guys think?

Is anyone else getting tired of sitting at home? I know I am! I want to talk about some of the things I have been doing during the pandemic. I have spent time sorting cards and watching A LOT of Shark Tank (and seeing Mark Cuban make a lot of deals)! I have also been doing some reading, especially re-reading my favorite series, The Middle School Rules. If you have not checked them out, make sure you do. Send more book suggestions my way, I can use some ideas! I also have been playing some video games, mainly NBA 2K, Madden and Fortnite. How about staying physical with no PE class, no baseball or basketball or workouts right now?

I have been doing DDP Yoga almost daily. DDP Yoga is former WCW and WWE wrestler Diamond Dallas Page’s yoga program. It is a lot of fun and easy to do at home, I would suggest you all check it out. I also did a baseball card hunt for kids in my neighborhood and have been organizing my card area. Now, I want to see some of the things you have been doing to keep busy and have fun. Tweet me @BrodyTK, hashtag #findthefun and let me know!

Lastly, I just wanted to make sure that everyone is staying safe out there. Hopefully, I will be able to see a lot of you at a local card shop or a card show in not too long. That is it for this month. Thank you all for reading and I will see you all at the next Riiip! Stay safe and #findthefun!


-Brody The Kid

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