Big League’s HIGH STAKES CHASE Lot of 3 cards PLUS Big League Derby Entry

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Big League’s High Stakes Chase is similar to the normal Big League Chase in that you get 3 random pulls out of a bag containing chips, the number of which corresponds to a card in our Chase showcase. The difference is each High Stakes chase item purchased (3 pulls) comes with a special Bonus along with 1 entry in a High Stakes Big League Derby which you can watch on Instagram. The Derby will begin once we have 6 entries.

PLUS: If you 3 chip total is over 700 or under 100 you get an additional 3 pulls (only 1 entry in the Derby however)

On Instagram, please send us a direct message (@big_league_cards) after purchasing letting us know what number you would like to call as “your shot”. If we pull this number you get an additional 3 pulls!

We will go live on Instagram to draw your 3 numbers: https://www.instagram.com/big_league_cards/

And an archived version will be available in the videos section of our Facebook page:


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