2013 Garbage Pail Kids Chrome Hobby Box


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Garbage Pail Kids Chrome Hobby Box (Topps 2013)

Topps Chrome Technology and the Original 1985 Garbage Pail Kids cards are coming together to present the old cards you loved with a premium metallic look to rejuvenate these heritage cards for new collectors and fans of the original series.

Hits just keep on coming with 14 Lost Garbage Pail kids intended for the original release, but never printed. 41 concept sketch cards by the original artist John Pound! Plus, never before seen Refractor cards.

On top of all that you can find Printing Plates, Artist Autographs, and even redemption cards for valuable prizes like a 1985 original series UNCUT SHEET!

With exciting chase sets, all your favorite old characters, and content unseen before now this set is sure to be a hit with current collectors and even folks just wanting to take a trip down memory lane.

24 packs per box, 4 cards per pack